Frequently Asked Questions

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Zipp3D offers the highest quality, fastest turnaround, and has the most current & trending marketing services all in one place. 

We can usually shoot a property with a few days of placing your appointment request. Shoots are booked next available. We are happy to work directly with your seller to schedule your shoot. Our busiest teams delegate the scheduling process to us so they can focus on other business.

Yes! Photos will be delivered within 24 Hours of the shoot appointment.

Any shoot can be upgraded to a Twilight Appointment. Twilight shoot start times vary during the calendar year. It's best to contact us and discuss the property details, and size to determine the best start time.

Zipp3D's photographers will usually be on site for approximately 30 minutes. This can vary depending on the size of the property. Please refer to our Property Preparation FAQ for how to ready your listing for photos.

Zipp3D will shoot in any weather conditions if you keep your appointment. If you would like reschedule your shoot, no problem! We only ask that you reschedule by the end of the business day (6pm) prior to your shoot date, in your time zone.

Zipp3D will provide you with a Property Preparation Checklist that your can give all of your homeowners. We have photographed thousands of listings.... we are excited to pass along what we think will help the property show in the best light!

We don't need anyone on site, but you are always welcome to join us! Being there can also assist in pointing out specific features unique to the property that you would like to show. But with our experience, if you want to just let us execute what we do best!

All we need is entry details if the property is not occupied.. community gate code, and an E-box code or mechanical code for entry. If the home has an alarm system, the disarm code as well.

We deliver a minimum of 35 images on all HDR photo orders. On larger homes we will photograph more images. Our mission is to photograph all the important marketable aspects of the home. This includes community content and amenity content!! For more information on this, see Community & Amenities Included.

On smaller condos, town homes, rentals, this may incorporate multiple angles of featured rooms. Condos and town homes can easily achieve their 35 image count from community features.... pool, bbq, fitness center and other common areas.

For specifics on what we shoot and what we skip please see: What spaces do you shoot?

We shoot all of the most important marketable spaces to highlight the  features and selling points of a property. This includes bedrooms, bathrooms, all common areas... kitchen, living, dining, den, great rooms. Finished basements, upgraded garages, secondary buildings like shops and casitas. We do shoot the laundry area, we've found that a percentage of sellers are leaving all appliances so we feel it's important to show this area.

What we don't shoot unless requested: pantry, bedroom closets, garage,  storage areas like under the stairs, attics. Sometimes an area such as the garage  is used to accumulate all of the extra belongings to tidy the house for photos. If possible, try to avoid using a bedroom or featured area for the clutter, as a bedroom is a key selling point for the property.

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